Arctic Expedition

2019 started out in the cold north. We sailed around Tromsø to experience the wild fjords, the nature and its amazing wildlife. Thanks to Arctic expedition for a great trip!

Nord Ekspedisjon

Thanks for an unforgettable experience Nord Ekspedisjon and Holmen Husky.

I can highly recommend those companies, if you are considering Northern Norway as your next destination.

Holmen husky lodge

I went back to the arctic wilderness this summer, but this time I brought my girlfriend along. My plan was to show here the wild nature in the most northern part of Europe, Alta Norway. We stayed at Holmen Husky lodge, which also hired me in for this production. Holmen Husky lodge is really a once in a lifetime experience, and my honest opinion is that everyone should try a holiday to this part of Norway.

Holmen Husky summer (Short) verison
Holmen Husky

Probably one of the most beautiful places i’ve been. Alta, a city located in the northern part of Norway, where the mountains meet the sea, and the weather is perfect, the winter is perfect and the night is full of northern lights. Just how I like it most.

A film I did for Holmen Husky.


A short trailer we did for a movie that will never be made. sounds stupid, I know.